Cellulite treatments: How do you really get rid of cellulite?

It's a fact of life for most women: cellulite. That telltale dimpled skin can affect your legs, thighs...

It's a fact of life for most women: cellulite. That telltale dimpled skin can affect your legs, thighs and even stomach as you age. Besides being embarrassing at the swimming pool, cellulite is a sign that you have uneven fat stores under the surface of your skin. As the fat in your body shifts, some areas have higher degrees of fat than others, creating dimples and valleys in places that should otherwise be smooth. Cellulite treatments are on the cutting edge of dermatology and can help you reclaim your body and get back to smoother skin. Research your options, from home remedies to medical intervention for your cellulite.

Home treatments. There are a few home treatments that might be able to save you money and give you noticeable results. Dry brushing has long been thought to help smooth out dimpled skin. By using a stiff-bristled brush and dry brushing your cellulite-prone areas for about 10 to 20 minutes each day, it's believed that you can redistribute uneven fat cells for a smoother appearance. Your results will definitely vary depending on how often you brush and the severity of your cellulite, but the cost of a dry brush is negligible and compared to the cost of other treatments.

You can also try any of the cellulite products available on the market that are designated to help tighten the skin to reduce the overall look of uneven fat cells. Products containing caffeine and L-carnitine have been shown to produce good--if not miraculous--results. However, you might need to use an array of products to achieve noticeable results, which can empty out your pocketbook on the off-chance that you'll get smoother skin.

Who to contact. Ask your dermatologist about the different products she recommends to help wipe out cellulite. If you indicate that you'd prefer not to take aggressive action against the cellulite, you'll probably get recommendations more in line with your budget. You can also ask your esthetician the next time you're at the salon or spa.

Weight loss. You might not want to hear it, but one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite is to reduce your overall weight. That's not to say that naturally thin people can't have cellulite; however, toned muscle and a lower body fat can usually lead to a reduction in overall cellulite. While it's definitely not a fast fix, it could be the key to both smoother skin and a healthier body overall. Just make sure you choose weight loss methods that are both healthy and realistic; no fad diets here! Instead, plan for 30 minutes of exercise each day and eat foods high in nutritional value but generally low in fat and calories. Over time, you should see a reduction of weight and cellulite without any pricey treatments.

Who to contact. If you're serious about fat-busting with your diet, see a nutritionist before you start cutting calories. He can examine your current dietary needs and help you come up with a plan that is both healthy and beneficial. That way, you start off on the right foot to banish cellulite due to being overweight.

Cellulite treatments. If you're ready to bring out the big guns, certain dermatological treatments can help smooth out puckered skin and give you the skin that you've always wanted. As an added bonus, most treatment options show results after just the first few sessions. Body contouring is one way that a plastic surgeon can essentially shape and mold your body to get rid of cellulite, but your dermatologist can use laser resurfacing to break up stubborn fat cells. The laser option has much less recovery time (almost none at all) and doesn't require you to go under the knife, making it a viable option for those seeking to banish cellulite.

Weigh your options when it comes to treatment. Some will have a longer recovery time but are more effective in the first session, so you'll need to decide where your priorities lie.

Who to contact. Call your dermatologist and get an appointment for a consult. Your derm will check out your skin and see whether or not you're a good candidate for a laser procedure. If your cellulite is more severe or you require more extensive treatment, you'll likely be referred to a plastic surgeon for other options.

If you're looking for a dermatologist who can help you navigate through the waters of cellulite reduction, check out Kudzu for Atlanta-based derms who can offer you options, do your treatments and help you rid your body of those dimples once and for all.

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