Checking your gas furnace before winter

Heating your home for the fall and winter requires proper preparation. The gas furnace is one of the...

Heating your home for the fall and winter requires proper preparation. The gas furnace is one of the main components of the heating system, and your home will not heat properly if it isn't working.

The gas furnace uses either natural or propane gas as fuel to generate heat. Check your furnace to determine which of these gases it uses. Both gases come from organic material, but the differences revolve around efficiency, cost, storage etc. A furnace will work almost the same, no matter if it's running on natural or propane gas. If you need more information or are unsure about the type of gas that your furnace runs on, consult with a heating expert.

Now that you know what type of gas furnace you have, how do you know it is ready to properly heat your home? The two basic things you can check for year-round are the pilot light and a gas leak. If your pilot light looks like it's out or you smell a gas leak, call the Atlanta Gas Light Company immediately. You can reignite your pilot light without contacting the Atlanta Gas Light Company, but call for help right away if you smell gas and make sure you are using a reliable technician.

If your pilot light is running properly and you don't have a gas leak, there are other areas you need to inspect before the cold season starts. Below is a list of things you should check before you turn on your furnace:

  • A clean filter (Replace a clogged or dirty filter)
  • Blower belt and doors (Replace damaged belts; fix any doors that are not in place)
  • Clean Vents
  • No flammable objects around furnace
  • Overall good condition

If you notice a problem with any of the components listed above, have it fixed immediately. A reliable heating technician will be able to help you with the technical details.

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