Chiropractor for kids: Why to seek care and what to expect

The necessity of a chiropractor for kids can be daunting for parents unfamiliar with chiropractic care,...

The necessity of a chiropractor for kids can be daunting for parents unfamiliar with chiropractic care, but kids can benefit from the care for injuries, chronic disorders and prevention of degenerative bone disease.

Why should you seek chiropractic care for your child?

  • Birth trauma is one of the earliest injuries that can require chiropractic care in a child. Misalignments can be corrected early to prevent future issues. Muscle tissues and nerves can be impacted by misalignment of the spine if not corrected.
  • Acute disorders like colic and respiratory issues have shown improvement with chiropractic care.
  • Sports injuries that cause misalignment of the spine can be corrected.
  • Scoliosis and other chronic conditions can be effectively treated through chiropractic adjustments.
  • Headaches and sleep disorders also can often see improvements through chiropractic care.

What to expect from a chiropractor for kids

While it is rare, harm can come to your child from a chiropractic adjustment, so educate yourself on the risks and consult an Atlanta chiropractic professional before having your child treated.

You can expect your chiropractor to address any concerns and explain all adjustments and procedures thoroughly to you and your child before beginning. If this is not the case, ask questions or seek a new chiropractor.

The chiropractor will likely take X-Rays and examine your child before proceeding with adjustment. Depending on your child's issues, he or she may receive massage or stimulation to the affected area prior to adjustment.

Once ready, the chiropractor will adjust your child's spine on a chiropractic table through subtle manipulations of the child's back and limbs. He may also use an actuator, a small metal tool, to make more effective spinal adjustments.

Your child will then likely be placed on a regular adjustment regimen, with the frequency depending on the severity of his misalignment and condition.

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