Choosing a renovation contractor

Choosing a renovation contractor can be a much easier task if you have specifics in mind for what you...

Choosing a renovation contractor can be a much easier task if you have specifics in mind for what you need. Careful advance planning can assure that you get just the contractor who is right for your home's job. This checklist is just a jumping off point to make sure your mind is full of ideas on what your job needs in the form of a renovation contractor.

Let contractors bid for your work. Get at least three bids on what the contractors will charge for the work. The larger the sample of bids, the better you're going to see what is a "too cheap" price and what is "too expensive." Once you know about what you should be paying for the work, you can move on to picking a contractor.

Remember, you're hiring the contractor for a job. Do a background check, including a check of his work habits and history. Check his licensing and insurance to make sure it is up-to-date and current. You don't want a contractor to get started on the job and then realize he has no license or complaints with the BBB.

Have a contract in place. Have the entire job spelled out so there is no confusion, with the price for that job included. Start and finish dates should be in there, along with who is responsible for any permits and fee payments. If you'd like, include what is off-limits in the house, who has access to the house and rules about anything that you have concerns over.

Choosing an Atlanta contractor is as easy as picking up the phone and getting a bid. The professionals are always able to answer your questions and help you with any problems you may be having with choosing a renovation contractor.

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