Choosing a wood stain: Solid stain or semi-transparent?

When it comes to wood stains, many people don't understand the differences between a solid stain and...

When it comes to wood stains, many people don't understand the differences between a solid stain and a semi-transparent stain. There are some key differences between the two in regards to coverage, maintenance and personal style. Some people will want the rustic natural look of the wood to stay, while others want a darker look and longer-lasting appeal. Which category you fall into will decide which stain you'll choose.

Solid stain

Solid stain is similar to paint in that it provides total coverage and the best UV resistance for the wood. You will not see the wood grain; it will be just as if you painted over it. There may be more than one coat needed. Solid stain is less costly than painting wood, and you won't need to prime it beforehand. It is simple to apply and can be done with a roller or brush.

Semi-transparent stain

Semi-transparent stain will let you still see the wood grain, and it will be a more subtle stain than the solid. It will need more frequent maintenance, with restaining done more often due to the lack of UV resistance. Typically, one coat is all that is needed. It is quick to apply and quick to dry, so you'll need to do it in small patches so it doesn't overlap. Overlapping semi-transparent stain makes those areas darker.

If you are looking into wood stain and still have questions to which is best suited for your application, Atlanta-area painters are here to answer your questions. Make sure you get precisely what you're looking for by being informed.

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