Closet organizers: Top organization secrets of the pros

Do you feel ashamed of your closet? Although the rest of your house may look completely organized and...

Do you feel ashamed of your closet? Although the rest of your house may look completely organized and beautiful, it can be easy to shut the closet door on all of your unfolded and unorganized laundry. Before you know it, your closet may turn into an untamed beast that starts to creep out into your bedroom, exposing your dark, disorganized secret to the world.

Don't let this happen to you! Sometimes a messy closet can happen because all of your clothes and shoes do not have a place to live. Cubbies, shelves and special hangers can work wonders to keep everything in your closet in its place. When you use closet organizers like these, your closet can be like the rest of your house--well-organized and orderly. You can find different types of inexpensive closet organizers at a home decorating store that you can put in with minimal experience or effort. However, if you want to make your closet look like it was designed to organize, consider talking to an Atlanta-based remodeling professional, who can talk to you about building closet organizers right inside of the closet permanently.

Is it really worth it to pay for a remodeling pro to put in nicer organizers in your closet, or should you just go with the less-expensive store versions? It really depends on your long-term goals for organizing your home. Ask yourself if you want your closet to just become organized and tidy, or if you want it to look decorative and finished as it keeps your clothing and shoes in line. It may be worth it to you to spend that extra dollar to hire a remodeler in the Atlanta area to put built-in shelves and cubbies into your closet.

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