Common neck pain causes: The best ways to treat your neck aches

Neck pain can feel debilitating and can make it very difficult to carry out your normal daily activities....

Neck pain can feel debilitating and can make it very difficult to carry out your normal daily activities. You may experience acute neck pain from injuries or accidents. Chronic neck pain causes may include sleeping in the wrong position, health problems, degenerative diseases, physical strain or even stress. Before you try to treat your neck pain, talk to your Atlanta-based chiropractor. The chiropractor can examine your spine and order X-rays to find out what is causing your acute or chronic neck pain.

List of neck pain causes

The causes, as well as the intensity, of your neck pain can vary greatly.

  • Pinched nerves around the vertebrae: This causes limited movement in your neck.
  • Muscle overuse: If you feel pain in your neck when you stretch the muscles, the cause of your neck pain might just be from muscle overuse.
  • Whiplash: This can occur from an auto accident or other violent event that causes your head to whip back and forth, resulting in the nerves compressing and becoming pinched.
  • A cut, scratch or infection: These injuries around your neck can expose the nerves, leading to acute neck pain.
  • Arthritis and degenerative disc disease: These can cause the bones in your neck to compress, which causes nerve damage and chronic neck pain.

How to treat neck pain

If your Atlanta chiropractor has determined that your neck pain is related to the vertebrae in your neck, you might be a candidate for chiropractic adjustments. During an adjustment, the chiropractor will have you lay down on a special table, face down. The chiropractor will use tools and his/her hands to safely manipulate the bones in your neck, returning them to their proper positions. Regular chiropractic adjustments can benefit people who experience both acute and chronic neck pain because it relieves pressure on the nerves and reduces fluid build up and inflammation around the vertebrate.

Try to avoid popping or stretching your neck. Although you might think that you can replicate a chiropractic adjustment, chiropractors go through years of training and education and know how to avoid causing harm to your delicate vertebrae.

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