Composite slate roofing: The newest trend in Atlanta roofing

You may have noticed that many of the newer houses built in Atlanta have beautiful slate roofing. A...

You may have noticed that many of the newer houses built in Atlanta have beautiful slate roofing. A lot of homeowners are also opting for slate roofing when it comes time for them to replace their old roofing. The reason? Composite slate roofing is not only beautiful, but it's more durable and earth-friendly than most other roofing options.

Although there is a growing number of roofers in Atlanta who are offering this type of slate roofing, you should be very selective when choosing your contractor. Go for a company that has several years of experience installing composite slate roofs and works with slate roofing materials more than other types of roofing. Ask for referrals from anyone you know who recently had slate roofing done on their home.

You should also observe the professionalism of the estimators you invite to your home. A good estimator will show up on time. He should also ask to go on the roof to get accurate measurements and inspect the roof's current condition. There should be no requests for money upfront. Reputable roofers typically ask for money when the roof is completed or during invoicing. Ask to see receipts. Your roofer should offer to provide evidence of insurance so you know that your home is protected in the event anything goes wrong.

Look at pricing. The average cost of composite slate roofing per square feet should be between $4 and $7. Any less could mean your contractor is using questionable materials. Higher costs could mean you are being overcharged. In either case, it is important to ask how your contractor calculates his costs.

Once you've chosen your perfect contractor, the only thing left to decide is the color and styling of your new slate roofing.

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