Composting in 5 easy steps

Would you like to do something that is good for both the environment and your home?...

Would you like to do something that is good for both the environment and your home? Composting can help you do exactly that. You send less waste to the landfill, and you turn your organic waste into healthy soil to use in the landscape around your Atlanta home.

5 easy steps to compost organic waste

  1. Contain it: Composting uses air and the heat produced by the breakdown of organic matter to turn waste into soil. You can buy or build a compost bin to contain the waste from your yard and garden. A carefully placed compost bin can blend in with your landscaping or be hidden behind decorative shrubbery to keep your yard looking clean and organized.
  2. Toss in the waste matter: Put both green waste and brown waste in your compost heap. Green waste includes freshly cut leaves and weeds, and brown waste includes straw or dead leaves. The partially decomposed brown matter speeds the breakdown of the fresh green waste. If you do not have any brown waste to add, ask your Atlanta landscaper about using compost starter to get the process moving a bit faster.
  3. Get it wet: Moisture is a key factor in the breakdown of compost matter, so grab the hose and spray a light mist of water on the contents of your compost bin. You don't need to saturate the compost pile to get the decomposition started, but it's not going to hurt anything if your waste does get drenched.
  4. Let it breathe: The waste matter below the surface tends to break down the fastest. Once or twice a week, grab your shovel and dig into the compost heap. Turn the organic waste matter over so that the top layer gets mixed in with the rapidly decomposing lower layer. This lets air into the entire waste heap, and you will get healthy soil faster than if you don't routinely mix the pile.
  5. Let nature help out: Let earthworms make your work easier. Earthworms help keep your soil healthy and aerated. Just dump them on top of the waste heap, and let them do their thing.

You can make composting as simple or as complicated as you like. Following these five basic steps will provide you with an environmentally friendly way to get healthy soil for your landscaping and gardening projects. Ask your Atlanta landscaper if you have questions or want help getting started.

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