Consider an outdoor wood furnace to avoid high energy costs

With energy costs soaring, have you considered alternative methods for heating your home this winter?...

With energy costs soaring, have you considered alternative methods for heating your home this winter? You may think a wood burning furnace is outdated and old-fashioned, but technology gives life to a historic method of heating and makes it relevant and efficient for your home. Use of an outdoor wood furnance makes even more sense for those living in Atlanta because the metro Atlanta area is known for its winter ice. These ice storms can at times cause power outages that last weeks, so an alternate heat source will be highly beneficial during these winter months.

Why choose an outdoor wood furnace?

  • Wood is much less expensive than any fossil fuel.
  • During a power outage, your outdoor wood furnace will still provide heat for your home and water.
  • It is an important economical advantage for the community. It provides openings in the free market with a demand for a product, resulting in more job openings and independent businesses, which creates healthy competition in the marketplace.

How does it work?

  • The unit, which looks very similar to an outbuilding and customized to match your home, is typically installed 30 to 200 feet from your home and works with your existing heating system.
  • A water jacket surrounds the furnace firebox and heat exchanger. The water heated then transfers the heat through insulated underground pipes directly to the home.
  • Once inside the home, the heated water conveys the heat into the structure's radiant floor, radiant baseboard or forced air furnace heating system.
  • In addition to heating the home, the unit is used to heat your hot water. You can turn your water heater off and save even more money.

Is it environmentally friendly?

  • Wood has been used to provide energy since the beginning of history, while fossil fuels have only been used since the 1900s.
  • Wood is a renewable source, meaning it is replenished by nature in a manner that is equal to the use by humans.
  • Burning wood also benefits the environment because it keeps waste wood out of landfills.
  • EPA has exempted the wood burning furnace from any emission regulations.

Consult Kudzu today to find a qualified and informed HVAC installer who has experience installing outdoor wood burning furnaces. This is a quality investment that will reap you benefits for years to come.

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