Corrugated metal siding: It's not just for farmers anymore

Corrugated metal siding, long a popular choice for industrial, farming and urban buildings, is the latest...

Corrugated metal siding, long a popular choice for industrial, farming and urban buildings, is the latest trend in residential siding.

What is corrugated metal siding?

Metal siding is a popular residential siding because it's cheap, durable and low-maintenance. Corrugated metal, characterized by its rippled design, is even more durable. Some types last as long as 350 years.

Corrugated metal has a reputation as a siding choice for farms and industrial buildings. In the residential industry, it's often referred to as architectural siding to avoid that stigma. And, it's not just silver anymore. Corrugated metal comes coated in a variety of colors. It can also be custom coated.

The siding is available in steel, aluminum and various alloys. Steel is the stronger metal but is more prone to rust than aluminum. Aluminum, since it's softer, is more prone to denting.

While corrugated metal is used primarily as an accent in residential houses, it's durability and ease of installation (it comes in large panels of both vertical and horizontal siding) make it a bold choice for a contemporary post-modern style home.

Why choose corrugated metal for your home?

Corrugated siding has many benefits:

  • Due to its reflectivity, corrugated metal siding can make effective outdoor lighting easier to accomplish.
  • Corrugated metal is unlikely to be damaged by fire and water.
  • Due to its durability, corrugated metal can come with warranties of 50 years or more.
  • Corrugated metal reflects heat well, making it beneficial for the hot Atlanta climate.
  • Metal sidings are also termite-resistant and non-toxic.

Not ready for contemporary corrugated metal siding yet? More traditional metal sidings include galvanized steel and aluminum siding. Check out the cost estimates for other popular siding choices. Consult an Atlanta remodeling professional for more information about siding your home.

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