Create a baby room with these easy updates

When it comes time to create a baby room for your soon-to-be born bundle of joy, you may feel like everything...

When it comes time to create a baby room for your soon-to-be born bundle of joy, you may feel like everything has to be special and perfect. That's normal, but don't put so much pressure on yourself that you go into labor! You may need a little help with the heavy lifting, especially since you aren't supposed to be lifting much of anything. Consider contacting a general contractor if you plan to update your nursery in any of the following ways.

Painting a room is a quick and inexpensive way to make it feel like a nursery. While pink and blue are great go-to colors, consider exploring colors online on Benjamin Moore's Color Gallery. You'll be amazed how many shades of pink there really are, and how one might speak to you more than any other. If you have already selected nursery bedding, bring a swatch into a paint store for color matching.

Closet conversion may be necessary if your current closet doesn't allow for much storage. You'll be amazed by how much stuff a baby needs despite being so tiny. Onesies and blankets and booties, oh my! A user-friendly closet storage system is an even better idea if your nursery is small and won't accommodate a lot of furniture.

Installing shelving is another great way to solve a space dilemma in a small nursery. Wall shelving can display books, keepsakes, picture frames, toys and more. It also looks great and can help you create a baby room that feels personal and special.

A ceiling fan is a necessity for keeping baby cool and comfortable. You'd be surprised how involved the installation of a ceiling fan is; this project is definitely better left to the professionals. Electrical wiring and a baby bump are a bad combination, after all.

Recessed lighting is another update to consider for baby's room if you want to create a beautiful space. A chair rail also adds a lot to a room and allows you to play with different paint colors.

Of course, you will want to get an estimate from a general contractor if you plan to do a complete redesign or remodel or need help with major renovation planning.

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