Creative landscaping ideas for your perennial Atlanta garden

The calendar may say spring has sprung, but in Atlanta, cool weather lingers. Don't dive into trying...

The calendar may say spring has sprung, but in Atlanta, cool weather lingers. Don't dive into trying any major landscaping ideas in your perennial garden until the threat of ice and snow have passed--usually mid-April.

Where to plant
Since perennials come back each spring, choose a permanent location for your garden. This is where the creativity begins! Do you want to add a colorful carpet of wildflowers such as Blackeyed-Susans, Shasta Daisies and Cone Flowers to an area of the yard where grass never seems to grow? Or, transform a funky antique bed frame into a "flower bed"? Choose the location of your flowers carefully since they will bloom in that area year after year.

Landscape borders
Once you've found the perfect place to display the efforts of your green thumb, set it apart from the yard. Every garden needs a gorgeous edging. Sure you can use landscape timbers or decorative stones, but why not get a little eccentric? Try digging overturned colorful glass jars and bottles into the soil surrounding the garden. These will catch the sunlight and shine beautifully during summer. Or, ask the kids to help you make handcrafted stepping stones complete with hand and foot prints.

Hidden garden goodies
When planting a perennial garden, pay close attention to the maximum height of each plant. Design the garden so the flowers fit together and don't obscure one another. Taller plants should be planted in the back (such as Day Lilies) and ground cover (such as Moss Roses) to the front. Then, nestle fun surprises among the stems. Try ceramic garden gnomes, shiny gazing balls or a decorative rain gauge. These garden goodies add interest and texture to the landscape.

Relaxation area
If the goal of your garden is to transform your space into a true backyard getaway, call a landscaper in Atlanta to give you professional landscaping ideas. They can lay paved walkways through the perennial garden, remove pesky tree stumps, add dimension by building rock walls or plant mature foliage to give your garden a head start this season.

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