Decorating ideas: 3 ways to use holiday lights

Since white Christmases with glistening snow are few and far between in Atlanta, dig out those boxes...

Since white Christmases with glistening snow are few and far between in Atlanta, dig out those boxes of holiday lights and add some artificial twinkle with white lights. Not sure what to do with those extra strings of lights after you've decked out the Christmas tree? Here are three decorating ideas to make your Southern home warm and inviting.

1. Make Christmas centerpieces using lights

Add a romantic glow to the Christmas dinner table. Fill clear glass vases with strings of LED, battery-powered holiday lights. Toss in a few pine cones and fresh cranberries for a quick, simple centerpiece. Or, get crafty and head to the home improvement store for a few clear, square, recessed bathroom tiles. These almost cube-shaped tiles can be filled with white lights and wrapped with a pretty bow to make an elegant gift-shaped centerpiece.

2. Add sparkle to window coverings

Have you attended a posh Southern wedding where the tulle decorations are embellished with layers of glowing lights? Recreate this design in your own home with your window coverings. If you have billowing valances or curtains, slide a string of holiday lights between the layers of fabric to create a soft glow in the room. These decorating ideas work best with sheer, light-color fabrics.

3. Brighten the patio and yard

Head outside with your boxes of extra holiday lights. Twist a strand around a porch railing or support columns at the front of the home to welcome guests. Or, give your landscaping a dose of Christmas cheer. Wrap lights around small shrubs and trees.

Are you running out of time to make your home a Christmas wonderland for your guests? Call an interior designer in Atlanta to add sparkle and cheer to your home this holiday season.

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