Dental sealants: Your secret to cavity-free teeth

Do you worry about decay occurring in the deep recesses of your teeth or the teeth of your children?...

Do you worry about decay occurring in the deep recesses of your teeth or the teeth of your children? If you or your family have teeth with deep crevasses and pits, bacteria can often remain in your teeth even after you brush and floss. This bacteria leads to decay, and you could end up needing to have expensive and painful dental work. So how to you avoid cavities when you have deep pits in your teeth? The answer is dental sealants.

Sealants protect your teeth from cavities for long periods of time. Most people do not know that the bacteria that causes dental decay cannot survive without oxygen, and by sealing over decay you can actually stop it. You can protect teeth that do not have any decay by having your teeth sealed regularly. Ask your local Atlanta dentist about dental sealants, which she can apply to both adult and kids' teeth.

When you get dental sealants, you might feel surprised by the speed and ease of the procedure. Children may initially feel worried about getting sealants because they might think that the dentist will drill their teeth. You can reassure them that no drilling occurs when they get dental sealants. An Atlanta-based dentist will clean and paint an antiseptic onto the teeth. Then, the dentist will carefully paint sealant compound into the creases and pits, and harden the sealant compound using a UV light. With a little bit of sanding and buffing, the teeth can remain cavity-free for up to 10 years.

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