Does your Atlanta home need an air purifier?

If you spend a lot of time indoors, you live in a household with pets or your family...

If you spend a lot of time indoors, you live in a household with pets or your family members have allergies, consider getting an air purifier, which can improve air quality in your home. Many older homes and buildings in the Atlanta area can become breeding grounds for mold as humidity levels rise and the air in the home becomes toxic. A dehumidifier and air purification system can resolve some of these issues and help to clean the air circulating throughout your living space.

Here are some reasons why your home might need an air purifier:

Manage allergies

Many people are allergic to indoor pollutants and pet dander. They may also suffer from asthma, breathing problems, watery eyes and a host of other allergy symptoms. Cleaning the air with an air purifier can make it easier to manage these symptoms and improve overall health. If you or a loved one is suffering from severe allergies, talk to your doctor for a health evaluation and find out if household allergies might be the problem.

Improve air quality for kids and newborns

If you're bringing a newborn into your home or have very young kids, they may be more sensitive to pollutants and toxins that are circulating in your living space. An air purifier can clean the air to keep toxins and pollutants out of the living environment.

Eliminate or reduce effects of secondhand smoke

If someone in your home smokes or you have visitors that smoke in your home, the secondhand tobacco smoke can be a health hazard. Having an air purification system in place can eliminate or reduce the effects of air pollution from secondhand smoke.

Reduce mold and mildew issues

You can work with a mold remediation specialist to determine whether mold and mildew is a problem in your household. Installing an air-purifying system can reduce the risk of health problems associated with toxic mold spores in your environment. Some high-powered purifiers can eliminate many common types of microbes and bacteria.

Reduce effects of wood smoke

If you rely on a wood heating system or a fireplace as a source of heat for your home, harmful gases from the wood smoke could be circulating. An air purification system can reduce these emissions and keep the air clean.

If you're concerned about toxins or pollutants present in your home, talk to an Atlanta HVAC professional about air purification options and ways to improve air quality in your living space.

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