Durable paint for cabinets: When to choose durability over frugality

Durable paint is important for high-use and intense-use areas of the home, such as kitchen and bathroom...

Durable paint is important for high-use and intense-use areas of the home, such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets. When remodeling your home and painting cabinets, choosing a more durable coating rather than a more inexpensive coating is important. Kitchens and bathrooms are subject to intense use, temperatures and humidity. The humidity factor is particularly true in Atlanta, with intense humidity and temperature variations even without ovens and showers coming into play. Choosing a long-lasting durable coating can save you more in the long run by allowing you to paint once instead of several times.

Painting your cabinets is a great choice when you need to inexpensively update a dated kitchen. If your cabinets are solidly constructed but are just the wrong color or looking shabby, a coating of paint can really bring life back to the kitchen.

But if you use a cheap non-durable paint, your new look won't last long and may bring you more trouble than your original dated kitchen brought you. It's critical to buy a paint that is wipeable and that will resist humidity and heat from cooking (particularly in those cabinets over your oven and sink).

With some of the newer innovative durable paints on the market today, you can even coat your kitchen cabinets in one to two coats of combination paint and primer. If you're painting the cabinets yourself, you'll likely want to brush the paint on so you have more control. Trained painting professionals may use a spray gun for efficiency. If you request that the cabinets be painted by hand, the labor costs may be slightly higher.

You'll also want to research the type of wood your cabinets are made of and use the appropriate type of primer and paint for your wood. Depending on the porosity of the wood, certain types of primers may soak into your wood. If you have a professional paint your cabinets, he will determine the type of wood and appropriate primer and paint.

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