Ectopic pregnancies: Vital steps you need to take

Ectopic pregnancies are pregnancies in which the fertilized egg settles and grows in an area of the...

Ectopic pregnancies are pregnancies in which the fertilized egg settles and grows in an area of the body that is not the uterus. In many cases, this is the fallopian tubes. It is important that you know what to do if you suspect you or someone you know may have an ectopic pregnancy because if left untreated, it can be fatal to the mother.

Typical signs of ectopic pregnancies are not always very clear, especially considering many women at this time do not yet realize they are pregnant. Some signs include abdominal pain, dizziness and feeling as though you may faint when you stand up. If you experience low blood pressure, dizziness, confusion and pale skin, you may have a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and will need immediate medical attention. Almost all Atlanta hospitals have doctors who are experienced with ectopic pregnancy diagnosis and treatment.

Before you reach a critical stage in an ectopic pregnancy, you should aim to see your obstetrician or gynecologist as soon as you suspect you may be pregnant. Many doctors in Atlanta recommend taking an at-home test about one week after your missed period. If you experience any abdominal pains, even after a negative test, you should still make an appointment with your doctor just to be safe. Although you do not need to see a specialist at this stage, there are many fertility specialists who are very experienced in ectopic pregnancies in Atlanta. You may search for the Georgia Reproductive Specialists to see which doctors specialize in this type of pregnancy. The best way to find the nearest specialist to you is by a referral from your regular doctor. He or she will know the most reputable doctors in the city who also accept your insurance.

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