Enjoy a staycation this summer with easy DIY home updates

If your travel funds are low, consider this summer an opportunity to enjoy a staycation....

If your travel funds are low, consider this summer an opportunity to enjoy a staycation. Try these suggestions and invest in your home instead of paying a lot more money to travel this year. Plus, it'll be an investment you can enjoy all year long!

Fun in the sun

Let kids burn off excess energy with a playground created in your backyard. Throw down a slab of concrete and coat it with rubber mulch or foam padding to absorb any impact if they fall. Build a wooden play set to keep them busy all day climbing, hiding and flexing their physical and mental muscles. Erect swings, add a seesaw and install a plastic slide with a sandpit to cushion their landing. If the carpentry work is beyond you, hire a home handyman to assemble the set.

Keeping cool

Summer heat can be dangerous for both adults and children. Install a swimming pool, a whirlpool tub or a splash pad to keep everyone cool. Be sure to add a covered patio for relaxation or a poolside bar for the adults, and give the children a shady area where they can wind down without getting sunburned. Consult with a professional pool contractor for advice on fencing and pool covers to keep children and pets from falling into the pool.

Fabulous food

Set the stage for some divine family dinners with a patio kitchenette to rival a celebrity chef. Build a covered area where you can install a cooktop, a pizza oven or your trusty barbecue without having to worry about the weather. Make an inviting outdoor dining area for your guests by installing retractable walls on your patio, or stitching fabric walls to fit an open-sided wood or metal pergola.

Perfect parties

Do you have teenagers or young adults in your home? Move the cars out of your garage and turn it into a stylish party palace for staycation celebrations with some drywall and easy-to-install roll flooring. Get clutter out of the way with ceiling storage units that keep your possessions safe until the next time they're needed. Turn your hobby area into a soft drink bar by adding a storage cabinet and a butcher's block counter top.

Sleeping under the stars

Anything is possible, even sleeping under the sky. If your backyard is secluded and safe, turn a corner of it into woodland with some clever landscaping and outdoor lighting. Set up your tent out back and voila! You're camping in the great outdoors. Set up a hammock, build a fish pond and imagine you're out there catching your dinner and cooking it over a campfire.

Get started on these projects yourself or hire an Atlanta-area landscaping professional. With these easy updates, you can make your staycation so good you never want to leave home again.

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