Exterior Lighting Maintenance Made Easy

If you've ever put exterior lights in the ground for evening lighting around your home, you know that...

If you've ever put exterior lights in the ground for evening lighting around your home, you know that exterior lighting maintenance is a necessity. Exterior lights, also called recessed lights, use solar, fluorescent and LED light fixtures. Exterior lights use timers to light walkways, and they are a safety tool against complete darkness. The lights also add extra value to your home. When it comes to the lights' maintenance, it's important to follow certain steps to make sure that the lights continue to work. In Atlanta, there are many weather changes that affect exterior lighting. Outside lighting can get hit or damaged by things outside your control. Learning some basic tips to prevent mishaps is the key. The information below will help you with future maintenance for exterior lights. 

Keep Fixtures Straight

Why: Throughout the year, the lighting fixtures in the ground will start popping out or leaning because of storms and wind. It is important that the lights get reburied in the ground so that they stay straight and shine light correctly. Make sure light are not crooked or tipped in any way, and check light fixtures regularly.

Who to contact for help: Call an electrician if there is a problem with the exterior lights that you cannot fix. The electrician can make sure the lights have no electrical problems and are not a safety hazard.

Tip: If you want to save more energy, buy lights that last longer. Long-lasting light will not need replacement as often and will save you money in the long run.

Clean Lights

Why: With all the seasons and outside weather conditions, exterior lights will get dirty. Maintaining outdoor lights means making sure they are free from dust and mildew. Also, make sure that the lights are free from bugs that accumulate on the lights. Check to make sure the glass or plastic lens is clean. There's nothing worst than paying an electric bill for lighting but having lights that don't shine because of dirt. If there is too much dirt inside the fixtures, the exterior light won't act right.

Who to contact for help: Call a full-service landscaping company if your exterior light problems seem bigger than you can handle. You can always try keeping up your exterior lights yourself. It's really easy, doesn't take a lot of time and a lot of the maintenance is common sense.

Change Burned Out Bulbs

Why: Burned out lights are no good for anyone. Part of your exterior lighting maintenance plan is to inspect your lights on a regular basis to make sure none of them get burned out. If they do, then replace them. It doesn't do you any good to have a burnt out bulb. Also, make sure the lights are on when needed. A timer is a great way to deal with lights being on during the day. Use sensors to turn the lights on and off automatically.

Who to contact for help: Call a handyman if the burned out lights become a problem. Try to correct the light problem yourself before thinking about hiring someone.

Bury Wiring

Why: After you have installed your exterior lights, make sure there are no wires sticking out of the ground. It is important to bury the wires about 1 to 2 feet in the ground. Be sure to check the wires at least yearly to make sure they have not eroded or become exposed. If the exterior light wires are bare, animals can chew on the wires, or you may accidentally mow over the wires when cutting your lawn.

Who to contact for help: Call an electrician or contractor if there is a problem with the exterior lights and you feel the maintenance is over your head. The electrician or contractor can make sure the lights do not have electrical problems and are not dangerous.

Trim Bushes

Why: Many times exterior lights are around bushes. As the bushes grow they can cover the light fixtures, and this prevents the spread of light. Remember that it's important to frequently trim your bushes to allow the lights to shine. Check the fixtures around the bushes often to make sure nothing else is going to prevent the spread of light. Spider webs and bird's nests can also cause problems for exterior lights. Trimming the bushes around the lights will save you money and prevent wear and tear.

Who to contact for help: All of the tips listed you can do yourself. Maintenance for exterior lighting takes minimal time and effort on your part.

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