Finding the best plastic surgeon in Atlanta

If you've made the decision to get breast implants, liposuction or another plastic...

If you've made the decision to get breast implants, liposuction or another plastic surgery procedure, take some time to find a reputable and experienced Atlanta plastic surgeon. A board-certified surgeon can help you achieve your ideal figure and also educate you about the surgery and post-surgery process. Ideally, you will want to set up a consultation with at least three or four plastic surgeons in the area so that you can gauge your comfort level with each surgeon and compare fees.

Here are some important tips for finding the best plastic surgeon in Atlanta:

1. Do your research. In addition to looking at a surgeon's website, look for information about the surgeon on review sites and online directories. These sites can be a good resource for unbiased reviews and give you a chance to learn about other patients' experiences. Asking friends and family members for recommendations, if applicable, is a good strategy as well.

2. Ask for testimonials and before-and-after photos. Don't be afraid to ask the surgeon for testimonials and before-and-after photos that demonstrate their skills and expertise. It's even more important to find examples of patients who had similar goals as you do now, and are of a similar age. Since the outcome of your plastic surgery procedure will depend on a number of factors, such as your age, skin tone, natural body shape and general health, it can be challenging to predict what your individual outcome and results will be. However, a reputable surgeon will be able to show you examples of work done on patients like yourself, and also explain any potential risks or problems you need to know about before the surgery.

3. Review credentials. In addition to making sure a surgeon is board-certified by organizations such as The American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you can ask the surgeon for proof of certification and any advanced training they have received in a particular area. For example, some Atlanta plastic surgeons may have received special training in VASER Liposelection, while others may have extensive experience with Mentor MemoryGel Breast Implants. Find out what the surgeon's top specialties are and how much experience they have performing certain procedures.

Finding the best Atlanta plastic surgeon for your procedure can take some time. Review all the options available and read testimonials, look at photos and consider the surgeon's experience during your selection process.

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