Five common plumbing problems and how to prevent them

In any home, plumbing problems are inevitable, but some issues are more common and easier...

In any home, plumbing problems are inevitable, but some issues are more common and easier to fix than others. In each case, it generally costs less in the end if you repair problems earlier rather than later. The following are five common issues and easy ways you can prevent them.

Leaking toilet

Toilets are fairly sturdy fixtures, but the parts in their tanks tend to wear out regularly. If you suspect your toilet is leaking, add some food coloring to the tank and check the bowl in the morning. If you see the same color there, you have a leak. This is most likely a result of a failing flush valve. While there is little you can do to prevent this problem, fixing it quickly will help you avoid wasting tens of thousands of gallons of water per year.

Clogged shower drain

Hair does not dissolve in water, and it accumulates easily around your drain when you shower. And although it is nearly impossible to avoid shedding some hair while you're taking a shower, you can catch much of it before it reaches your plumbing by using a strainer designed for showers. Clean the strainer regularly and you should not have any blockages.

Washing machine flooding

The rubber hoses connecting your washing machine to your plumbing are bound to eventually wear out. When this happens, they burst and flood your home, which can be catastrophic if not detected quickly. Avoid this by regularly checking your hoses for bulges and cracks. You can also replace rubber hoses with steel models that are less likely to fail.

Clogged kitchen sink

Even the most careful cook may let grease slide down the kitchen sink drain once in a while. Fats and other food debris can stick to pipes and eventually cause serious blockages. Prevent this by draining grease and cooking oils into a container, such as an empty coffee can, and disposing of it in the garbage. Flush your kitchen sink with boiling water from time to time in order to dislodge any residual grease.

Deteriorating pipes

Older homes are particularly likely to experience pipe failures due to older plumbing made of weaker materials. Terra-cotta pipes, for example, often crack under the pressure of roots, and steel pipes rust and burst. A plumber can replace such pipes by using machines designed to pull new pipes made of contemporary materials through the old ones before splitting them open.

If you have doubts about the soundness of your home's plumbing, hire a professional Atlanta plumber to inspect it and put your mind at ease.

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