Fun new activities to try in retirement

One of the most exciting aspects of retirement is the opportunity to pursue new...

One of the most exciting aspects of retirement is the opportunity to pursue new activities or hobbies. Retirement communities, senior centers and educational programs often sponsor classes or provide exercise equipment to encourage seniors to remain physically active and mentally challenged. Here are some of the top activities and learning opportunities for retirees:

Personal finance

Chances are you've accumulated a sizable asset portfolio while saving for your retirement. Yet, as your tax basis and income levels change, it can become harder to understand retiree tax rules and the best ways to handle your personal finances. Retirement is a great time to become financially savvy and learn about the tax benefits of retirement account withdrawals and estate planning.

Water exercise

In addition to swimming, water aerobics and water walking are great exercises for retirees. Pool workouts are low impact, and individuals who are engaged in water-based exercise can work out longer with less stress on their joints and less muscle pain. Consider joining a local swim club or signing up for water aerobics classes.


Aside from aerobic activity, a well-rounded exercise program should also incorporate strength training and flexibility. Yoga uses your own body as resistance, offering the benefits of strength training along with increased flexibility. Try a beginner's class and gradually increase the difficulty of your poses.

Art appreciation

If you've always loved the arts but never had the time to devote to learning and developing new skills, consider expanding on your interest in photography, painting or sculpture. Art appreciation classes provide a general background in art, while specific classes advance your knowledge in a particular area. Digital photography is a useful and fun skill to try, and new cameras and technology allow you to capture your memories and store them on a computer with ease.

Learn a new language

Retirees who enjoy traveling may want to gain a basic understanding of a new language. A beginner's course in Italian will not only bring excitement to your next trip but will help you to feel more comfortable and get around easier when traveling overseas. Learning a new language is also a great way to exercise your brain and increase your mental focus.

Rather than slowing down in retirement, many seniors choose to challenge themselves, remain active and learn new skills. Many retirement communities in the Atlanta area offer classes and exercise equipment to help ensure that you enjoy this special period in your life. Always check with your Atlanta physician if you're planning to start a new exercise or fitness regime.

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