Garden design: Water features for a show-stopping garden

In Atlanta, especially in some of the older neighborhoods like Inman Park, Virginia...

In Atlanta, especially in some of the older neighborhoods like Inman Park, Virginia Highland and Buckhead, you'll see an abundance of beautiful examples of garden design from homeowners who have gone to great lengths to make their outdoor spaces a living work of art.

No matter what part of the city you call home, it can be fun and rewarding to dress up your yard by adding water features to your home garden design.

The benefits of a beautiful garden

Landscaping your yard can serve multiple purposes: recreation, creativity and increasing the value of your property. Those are all side effects, though. For most people, creating a garden or outdoor living environment is done to improve your quality of life by providing a place to entertain, relax and garden.

One of the most popular trends in outdoor design is the addition of a water feature, and nothing is more relaxing than the natural sounds of a flowing fountain or a babbling brook.

Adding a water feature

Fountains are the easiest way to add a water feature to your garden design plan. You can purchase an entire fountain with accessories ready for easy installation at just about any hardware store, or you can buy a basic kit that comes with a pump, hoses and a basin. You can create your own fountain with stones, bricks or other design elements you choose to incorporate.

Creating a brook, in concept, is not that different from installing a fountain, though it does require more time and effort, as well as cost. In addition to installing a pump and piping, you can expect to spend several hours (probably over the course of a couple of weekends) digging a trench, which you will want to cover using pond liner followed by a layer of stones. The trench will empty the water into a small pond or receptacle before it is rerouted back to the pump to continue the repeating flow.

The latest in water features

Among the latest and most desirable water features available now are freestanding glass sheet and framed waterfalls, multi-tiered cascading waterfalls and terrazzo-style fountains with a fish pond at the lowest basin. If you're fond of country-style charm, there's even a wooden wagon wheel fountain, complete with attached buckets that allow the water to cascade from top to bottom.

One last thought

Before making a decision about what water feature will work best for you, review your plan carefully to determine which option suits your budget and schedule. After it's done, kick back, relax and enjoy nature's naturally soothing sounds. Consult a local landscaper to discuss your plan, get advice on the best features or to have your water feature installed.

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