Gardening with Vines

If you are considering adding some versatility to your landscaping design this year, be...

If you are considering adding some versatility to your landscaping design this year, be sure to check out these tips for adding vines. While garden beds might be the focal point of your yard, vertical gardening can transform an outdoor space. These plants will crawl their way through your garden with form and function.

Add Depth and Dimension to Your Garden

Grow up instead of out with ever-popular vines like clematis and honeysuckle. The brightly colored hues will complement any garden, and with little pruning needed, they'll be a favorite for the busy gardener. Remember, though: You should never let a vine grow taller than your longest ladder.

Cover Bare Wall

You'll need a creeper such as ivy to cover a wall. Ivy is hassle free and offers sun protection for the covered wall. Just choose your type of ivy and plant at the base of your wall. Ivy will grow in bright sun or deep shade, which makes it a most versatile vine.

Create Shade by Adding Vines to a Pergola

Twiners will attach themselves to an overhead pergola or trellis, but they may need some encouragement to weave through the structure. The florals of twining wisteria will add even more shade and a touch of beauty to your outdoor space.

Camouflage a Fence

There is nothing pretty about that fence that is either keeping critters out or holding them in, but you need it. Make the best of it by adding a twining vine with generous blooms to create a thing of beauty.

Hide an Old Tree Stump

Dead trees and old stumps are very difficult and expensive to remove. Try a crawling petunia to cover up the blemish. Petunias can quickly cover a three-foot area with lots of vibrant flowers.

Always check with a local landscaper before choosing vines for your garden. Regardless of which vines you choose to add to your garden, you're sure to be pleased with the outcome if you enlist a skillful landscaper to help design and create your vision.

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