Gas wall heaters: Differences between vented and ventless

There are many people who wonder just what the differences are between vented gas wall heaters and ventless...

There are many people who wonder just what the differences are between vented gas wall heaters and ventless ones. If you aren't used to gas systems, perhaps from being a lifelong electric customer, then you may have some questions. Here is a handy way to know what you'll get with a ventless system and with a vented system.

Vented heaters

Vented systems take air from inside but port the by-products of the heating process to the outside of the house by way of flue or chimney. A system that has vents must already be in place to use these types of heaters, or one must be created to use them. These are a little less efficient energy-wise and heat-wise than ventless system, because they allow some of the heat that is produced to escape with the by-products. However, they take the toxic gases and port them to the outside of the house instead of leaving them to permeate throughout the air in the home.

Ventless heaters

These systems do not put a vent to the outside and do not need a flue or a chimney. They are cheaper and more efficient than vented heaters as well. These types of heaters can be used in places that do not have a vented system in place, allowing for a cheaper installation. While cheaper and more efficient, there are dangerous gases that can come from them, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. You should have monitors in place to keep tabs on the levels of these gases in the home. There are sensors that monitor and if the air in the room has an oxygen dip, they will sound. This is true for most heaters made after 1980.

If you are still wondering which type of gas heater is best for you, or want to discuss wall heaters with a professional, there are many Atlanta-area HVAC technicians that could be of service. Give any of them a call and tell them you have questions or would like a personal consultation.

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