Got cellulite? Top treatments of 2013 for smoother skin

Let's face it, cellulite can make you unsightly and untoned. The truth is, most people will have a little...

Let's face it, cellulite can make you unsightly and untoned. The truth is, most people will have a little cellulite at some point in their lives, which happens when the fat underneath the skin causes the surface to look bumpy and rippled. Many people think that if they lose weight, then their skin will automatically become smooth and sleek. Unfortunately, this type of condition is often genetic, and even skinny minnies can have cellulite-covered skin. The best cellulite-fighting plan is to look into some of the most effective and innovative treatments on the market.

Laser treatments

Your Atlanta area plastic surgeon or dermatologist can use specialized laser treatments, called Cellulaze, that work underneath the surface layers of your skin to reduce the size of the chambers that hold the fat. Although these treatments do not actually get rid of fat, they do effectively and dramatically minimize the look of rippled skin from the outside. Most times, people only need one Cellulaze treatment. An incision does have to be made, which may cause a little bruising and leakage when you are recovering.

Topical treatments

You may have seen commercials and advertisements for dimple-removing cream all over the place, which makes it tricky and confusing to find one that will actually work. The top creams and lotions to remove those dimples on your skin will contain ingredients that will help decrease fluid around the fat pockets. Look for products that contain ingredients, such as L-carnitine or caffeine. L-carnitine helps your body naturally burn off fat and caffeine decreases fluid build-up in the skin.

Physical treatments

Dry brushing uses ancient methodologies to elimiate cellulite while improving circulation and stimulating hormone and oil production in the skin. This means tighter and more toned-looking skin you can achieve without having to go under the knife. You will need to purchase a dry skin brush, which is easy to find at any health food store. The philosophy behind dry brushing your skin is to improve lymph drainage, so you might also see an improvement in health while you are decreasing the appearance of your dimples and ripples. Before you get into the shower or bath, brush your body all over using small, circular motions with the dry brush. Spend a little extra time around the areas with the most dimples. The best part about using a dry brush: no down time!

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