Green paint options for your eco friendly painting job in Atlanta

The green movement is sweeping the nation, especially communities in the South. When it's time to paint...

The green movement is sweeping the nation, especially communities in the South. When it's time to paint your Atlanta home, why not consider using green paint? This environmentally friendly option reduces paint waste in the landfills and trims dollars from your home remodeling project.

Look for recycled paint

There are several recycling facilities in Atlanta that offer consumers discounted paint that has been donated. After someone completes a painting project, he or she brings the leftover paint to a recycling facility. This unused paint is then reblended and sold--not placed in a landfill.

It's a win-win for someone who's looking for green paint and wants to help the environment. Check out Atlanta Paint Disposal or The Williams Environmental Recycling Center if you live in the metro area. You can buy a gallon of paint for less than $5!

Buy green paint

Several paint manufacturers offer paint blends that are less damaging to the environment. Look for brands meeting green industry certifications such as Green Seal (GS-11) and MPI Green Performance established by the Master Painter's Institute.

Green Seal certified paints are less toxic for the environment and the people who handle them. Since they are verified as green by a third party, it's easier to trust the non-toxic paint claims. Any paint manufacturer can claim to use less toxic ingredients, so be wary of claims that sound too good to be true and aren't backed by a professional organization.

Ready to give your Southern home a fresh look? Call an Atlanta painter to put that green paint to good use.

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