Gutter cleaning this fall

If you adhere to a twice-a-year gutter cleaning schedule, you'll be cleaning your gutters in the fall...

If you adhere to a twice-a-year gutter cleaning schedule, you'll be cleaning your gutters in the fall and spring. For those who do a once-a-year cleaning, the best season to do so is in the fall. But when in the fall should you clean them, and what are the benefits of hiring someone to do it rather than doing it yourself?

When to clean your gutters

The best time to clean out your gutters is after all the leaves have fell off the trees and it is a good dry day. You can pull leaves and debris out by hand or with a blower and not worry about wetness. There may be some piles of buildup that will be more difficult to remove, but it can be easier using a hose on these areas after the dry debris is removed.

Hiring out the gutter cleaning

Many people would rather hire out this work, which is understandable. It is difficult to keep moving the ladder and working the gutters free of debris. It is also hard to tell the signs of disrepair and areas that are going to need to be fixed if you aren't trained. The quicker these areas are found, the easier they are to fix, and you'll be able to keep your home looking beautiful while your gutters remain in the best working condition. Some people risk injury from falling, especially if they have balance issues or medical conditions. For a once- to twice-a-year event, hiring out this tedious task is some of the best money spent in home maintenance.

Atlanta-area remodelers can get your gutters clean and check for any signs of disrepair. They are knowledgeable and helpful, always able to answer your fall cleaning questions. Give them a call today for your holiday season cleaning!

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