Holiday window treatments

Crafting perfect holiday window treatments for your home is a simple task that's often forgotten. With...

Crafting perfect holiday window treatments for your home is a simple task that's often forgotten. With the bustle around the tree, the banisters, the mantle and even the exterior of your home, the windows - one of the most visible parts of your home inside and out - can be left out. Creating beautiful holiday window treatments can make your home really stand out.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on new curtains or shades to create a holiday theme for your home's windows. Though, if you like, replacing your shades with the perfect backdrop for a snow scene can be beautiful. Placing mock snow on your sills to hold a holiday scene, lining the windows with lights and placing a red or green curtain as a backdrop can create Christmas cheer inside and out. Make sure your window treatments suit your home's holiday theme. If you have a winter wonderland, use white, snowy curtains. With a traditional Christmas theme, stick with red and green window treatments.

But if you want to avoid the expense of seasonal curtains or shades, replace your usual curtains with Christmas decorations.

  • Garland: Replace the curtains with holiday garland. Either homemade garland made with felt and beads, or store-bought garland, can be wrapped around the curtain rod to create a festive flair for your windows.
  • Ornaments on ribbons: Tie ornaments onto varying lengths of thick holiday ribbon and tack each to the wall above the window frame to create an ornament curtain. It's easy and, if you use extra ornaments from your Christmas tree, frugal, too.
  • Wreaths: Instead of relegating your wreaths to only the front door, place wreaths in your windows to allow both your family and the outside world to enjoy the wreaths' beauty. You can either buy a wreath or decorate your own with items from your local craft store.

However you choose to treat your windows, decorate with joy and share your holiday cheer to light up your home. If you're new to decorating your home for the holidays and need assistance, contact your Atlanta interior design professional for help.

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