Home air filters: What they clean from the air

Home air filters need cleaning and replacing frequently; however, you may not know what they are collecting...

Home air filters need cleaning and replacing frequently; however, you may not know what they are collecting from the air in your home. There are two types of air pollutants that most indoor air filters will clean and remove, according to the EPA. These are particulate matter or gaseous pollutants. Different air filters remove different pollutants.

Particulate matter

This can be things such as dander, pollen, dust and dust mites. It can also be even smaller particulates such as bacteria, mold and viruses. Filters that clean out particulate matter include mechanical air filters and electronic air cleaners. Mechanical filters catch particles on the actual filter material used to construct the filter, while electronic air cleaners trap them with an electrostatic charge.

Gaseous pollutants

These are things that come from the process of combustion and can be byproducts of your stove, your vehicle or even your tobacco smoke. Paint fumes, varnishes, pesticides and cleansers can also leave behind gaseous pollutants. A gas-phase air filter removes gaseous pollutants. It uses activated carbon to absorb the pollutant. There are types of gases, such as carbon monoxide, that cannot be removed by some filters. Therefore, no matter what type of filtration system you have, always keep a carbon monoxide alarm active to monitor your home's levels.

For more information on home air filters, their maintenance,and the best type for your HVAC system, call and talk to a helpful Atlanta-area technician. These contractors are there to help you make the right decisions for your home and family.

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