Home modifications for disabilities...where do I find resources in Atlanta?

Most homes are not constructed with a person with a disability in mind. This can cause a great deal...

Most homes are not constructed with a person with a disability in mind. This can cause a great deal of stress and frustration for someone who struggles to maneuver around a traditionally constructed home.

Luckily, you can make home modifications to create a home that is accessible for a person with a disability. Look for a top-rated disability remodeler in the Atlanta area who specializes in transforming an existing home into one modified to suit a person with a disability.

What if you cannot afford to change your home? No need to worry! You can find many Georgia-based disability organizations that will help you modify your home as needed to accommodate a disability. These organizations help fund home modifications to qualified people in need of help. They will help you evaluate your remodeling and financial needs to give you the best possible solution to your family's issues.

What to expect

What types of remodeling can you expect from a home modification for disabilities? It depends on your particular needs. Each disability requires different modifications, but here are some things you can expect.

Home installations

  • Install ramps to allow people in wheelchairs to easily enter and exit the home. Standard homes typically only come with stairs that are extremely difficult to maneuver in a wheelchair.
  • Install hand railings along interior walls to help people with disabilities maneuver more easily around the home. People who struggle to walk or have limited to no eyesight benefit by having a hand rail to grasp on to around the house.
  • Installing hand bars inside showers and bathtubs is also beneficial. Bathtubs and showers become extremely slippery when used. Installing hand bars enables a person with a disability to maneuver more easily around a shower or bathtub with a reduced risk of slipping or falling.
  • Install lowered counters, mirrors, cabinets and shelving to ease accessibility, allowing people in wheelchairs to get ready in the morning, work at a counter and cook meals with ease.
  • Install non-slip and non-snag flooring in the home. Sometimes wood, tile and stone floors cause people with disabilities to slip and fall. Carpeting sometimes catches on wheelchairs or walkers. Putting in special flooring designed for people with disabilities helps them move around their homes with a lowered risk of injury.

Home alterations

  • Replace bathtubs and showers with models specifically designed for a person with a disability. People who have severe and extremely limiting disabilities can benefit from replacing standard bathtubs and showers with ones designed with benches, railings, hand bars and doors to prevent injury.
  • Safety-proof corners, stairwells and edges. Sharp corners and edges and open stairwells become extremely hazardous for someone with limited balance or mobility. Installing special gates and padding creates a safe environment to move around in.
  • Widen doorways to fit wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Standard doorways built with narrow doorways do not allow wheelchairs to pass through, limiting where someone with a disability can move throughout the home.

Financing your project

In order to know what types of modifications you need in your home, think about what areas of your home your friend or family member with a disability struggles with the most. Is there a modification that will enable your loved one to do for herself something she previously needed help with? This could be a great choice for an initial remodel project. Think about what your loved one needs most and what would have the most beneficial impact on her life.

It is important to keep in mind that your home seem disheveled and in disarray until the remodeling project is complete. The old building materials come out of the house before the new materials go in, often leaving a giant mess on your lawn. Don't worry; this is normal. With limited space to work with, workers often use outdoor areas during the remodel. The remodeling crew will clean up the mess before the project is completed, so you will not have a huge cleaning job to do.

Watching a family member or friend with a disability struggle to move around her home is painful, so finding a way to remodel her home is beneficial to everybody. Take advantage of organizations developed to help people with disabilities, and help someone with a disability finally become mobile, functional and comfortable in his own home. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference. Improving life quality in this way increases health and wellness for the person by making life less of a struggle and more of a joy.

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