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Want a quick and easy project you can finish in just one to three days? The following are...

Want a quick and easy project you can finish in just one to three days? The following are five easy projects you can complete over the weekend that will make a huge difference in your home:

Paint your front door

Amp up your curb appeal with a new door color. This simple change can drastically alter the look of your house. Vibrant doors are trending for 2014, so don't be afraid to pick a bold color to brighten up your entry and welcome guests.

First, remove your current front door, and then remove all hardware and clean it thoroughly. Use painter's tape to cover up any glass. Lightly sand the door, then apply a coat of primer. Finally, take that drab door and make it look brand new with a few coats of paint.

Make a headboard

Constructing a headboard is easier than you think! For a queen bed, take four 1-by-5-foot boards, sand them back, then stain or paint them to your taste. You can connect the boards using a strip of wood along the back, then use those pieces of wood to hang it. Or, you can simply hang each board individually. If you don't have a queen bed, you'll need to measure your bed to determine how big the headboard should be.

Hang artwork

No matter if it's the work of Kandinsky or your young child, art will create beauty and depth for your home. Choose a large wall for your display, and remember to hang larger pictures above smaller ones.

Add storage to your entryway

Mudrooms are one of the big home trends for this year. If you're tired of tripping over shoes and book bags, and your entryway closet is bulging at the seams, consider a mudroom. Brighten your entryway and organize your clutter with just a little effort. Visit your local hardware store for cube shelving that can sit on the floor and double as a seat. With a few decorative boxes, you'll be organized in no time.

Refinish an old dresser

Refinishing furniture is a DIY project that can initially seem daunting, but is actually fun and easy. Adding a new paint color and some new hardware to your dresser could change the look of the entire room. First, remove all the hardware from the dresser, then clean the entire unit. If it is painted, sand it. If it is stained, you'll need to use a furniture stripper on it. If it is real wood, go ahead and stain it. If not, choose a paint color to brighten it up.

Any of these projects can be completed in a weekend, and you'll even have enough time left over to buy some new accessories to accent your handiwork. If you need advice on the latest home trends, contact a local Atlanta-area remodeling company.

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