How Do I Remove Mildew From Vinyl Siding?

Has your vinyl siding started to take on a spotted-appearance? During warm spring and summer months...

Has your vinyl siding started to take on a spotted-appearance? During warm spring and summer months in Georgia, it's not uncommon for tiny black dots of mildew to attach to the vinyl. Luckily the nuisance can easily be washed away with a homemade solvent.

Slip on some dishwashing gloves and an apron. This project is easy, but messy. If the mildew covers a large area, you'll want to rent a pressure washer. A hand-pump sprayer will work for small areas of mildew.

Step 1: Mix your cleansing solution. Add one cup of household bleach to each gallon of water the sprayer will hold. Do this outside to avoid inhaling the fumes from the bleach.

Step 2: Use a garden hose to wet the landscaping at the base of the vinyl siding that you'll wash. This will reduce damage to flowers and shrubs that will get sprayed by the bleach solution. Use overturned buckets to protect special plants.

Step 3: Spray the cleansing solution on the siding. Thoroughly saturate the mildew. Then, let the cleanser sit and soak for five minutes to kill the mildew.

Step 4: Rinse the siding with a spray of clear water. If the mildew doesn't begin to wash away, use a stiff-bristle brush to wipe away the spots, and then rinse the siding with water.

Step 5: Finish by giving the ground and plants in the work area a through watering. This will help dilute and neutralize the bleach solution.

If the mildew doesn't loosen after being scrubbed and soaked with bleach, you may not be battling mildew. Some types of mold spores closely mimic mildew. Since mold can cause health problems, it's best to call a professional painter who offers pressure washing services to tackle the problem.

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