How a handyman can help with home remodeling projects

Perhaps you're preparing to sell or rent your house. Maybe you need an emergency repair or have decided...

Perhaps you're preparing to sell or rent your house. Maybe you need an emergency repair or have decided to do some home remodeling. Many of us find we don't have the skills, the time or the inclination to do those jobs on our own. Installing gas logs in the fireplace, updating the kitchen, repairing leaky plumbing, fixing the siding on your house or applying a luxurious new paint job to the great room all take time and work. You can hire specialists to do each of these projects. Yet many Atlantans have found that a skilled handyman can handle most if not all the emergency repairs and remodeling jobs on their list of upgrades and improvements.

Handymen are all-around repair people who handle small- to intermediate-sized jobs. Handymen can help you with repairs and upgrades that include the following:

  • Air conditioning
  • Appliances
  • Architectural services
  • Carpentry
  • Duct cleaning
  • Electrical work
  • Energy auditing
  • Flooring
  • Home inspections
  • Lawn and landscaping
  • Metal and welding
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Pressure washing
  • Roofing repairs
  • Solar energy solutions
  • Windows and doors

Some handymen specialize in specific areas - carpentry, plumbing or electrical work, for example - based upon their experience and knowledge. Others tend to be "jacks of all trades." Be sure to interview your chosen handyman about his or her areas of specialty.

Handymen can help you

  • When your upgrade or repair can be done by a single person working alone.

  • When your upgrade or repair is too dangerous to handle on your own - such as electrical work, installing natural gas appliances or gutter cleaning.

  • When you don't have the time, skills or inclination to do the work yourself.

How to qualify handymen

Most states require that people who perform certain kinds of work for consumers must be properly licensed. Atlanta handymen, for example, must follow Georgia laws that require licensing for five specialties: plumbers, electricians, air conditioning specialists, low voltage contractors (who run data cables and other low voltage lines) and utility workers. You can check the licensing requirements by doing a quick web search that asks for "handyman licensing requirements."

Finally, be sure to choose a handyman who has his own liability insurance. Liability insurance pays for medical care sustained by an injury to the handyman if he or she is injured while on your property. Without liability insurance, you may be liable for any such injury.

You'll find a list of qualified Atlanta area handymen here who can bail you out of an emergency and help you will all kinds of home repairs.

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