How do I find a good physician in Atlanta?

Whether you're new to Atlanta or simply looking for a second opinion, it can be daunting to find a good . . .

Whether you're new to Atlanta or simply looking for a second opinion, it can be daunting to find a good physician. Instead of relying on glossy ads and clever radio spots, turn to your network of friends and family for some unbiased insight. Here's how to find a new doctor without getting too personal.

1. Make a post on social media. Ask your friends and followers to recommend which doctor's offices offer fast, economical and courteous service. Don't mention personal diagnoses and conditions. Focus on the quality of services, environment and perks. After all, wouldn't you love to know which offices offer free childcare during appointments? Ask around!

2. Talk to your family. If your mother, aunt or sister has a trusted physician they've seen for years, you're likely to also be pleased with the service. Years of loyalty speaks volumes--more than a clever advertising campaign. After getting a recommendation, do a quick Internet search for background on the physician or clinic. You can often find a good physician by reading customer reviews or blog posts about personal experiences.

3. Call the office. When you've found a potential doctor, call his office. Ask if the physician is accepting new patients. If so, you'll likely get an earful about what this doctor can offer you. This is the perfect time to ask specific questions. Find out if the office offers a 24-hour phone nurse for after-hours questions or an onsite pharmacy for convenience. If you get the cold shoulder, keep looking.

Ready to book an appointment and be done with the search? Check out these lists of family physicians, dermatologists and dentists in the Atlanta area.

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