How roof flashing can preserve your home

The importance of a good, sturdy roof cannot be underestimated. Without properly placed roof flashing,...

The importance of a good, sturdy roof cannot be underestimated. Without properly placed roof flashing, water can seep through the roof and cause major water damage to your home. There are several types of flashings that serve specific functions, and integrating them will provide a secure, waterproof roof.

What is flashing?

Roof flashing is usually made of galvanized steel or aluminum. However, it is also available in copper, roofing felt, rubber, and plastic. Flashing is placed on sections of the roof that are particularly susceptible to leaking. The area around the chimney, skylight, and vent pipe are common problem locations that require flashing, as are the areas around the eaves, and anywhere there are intersections in the roof.

Types of flashing

Continuous flashing is placed along the joint connecting a sloped roof to a vertical wall; it is also placed at the bottom of the chimney.

Step flashing is used along the sides of chimneys, skylights, and walls.

Chimney flashing is placed around the base of the chimney.

Apron flashing is used around the front of a chimney or dormer.

Valley flashing is placed at the intersection of two roof planes.

Drip edge flashing is used for the eaves or bottom edges of the roof.

Vent flashing is placed over vents and pipes.

Cleat flashing is used on flat roofs.

Repair or replace?

Your existing roof flashing can deteriorate over a period of time as a result of non-stop exposure to the elements. Small holes and signs of corrosion are the first sign that the flashing needs immediate attention. Sometimes, these issues can be resolved with roofing cement. However, flashing with extensive corrosion will need to be replaced. An Atlanta-area roofer can evaluate your roof and provide repair or replacement options.

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