How to add natural light to your home and light up your life

Take advantage of the sunny Atlanta climate by bringing more sunshine into your home. This will not...

Take advantage of the sunny Atlanta climate by bringing more sunshine into your home. This will not only save you money on electricity bills, it can also cheer up your day. Not sure how to go about it? There are three primary ways to bring more daylight into your home: decor, skylights and windows.

Decor and landscaping

Changing your decor to reflect more natural light is the most budget-friendly solution. To enhance natural lighting, position mirrors to reflect sunlight and paint walls with light-colored, high-gloss paint.

You should also keep your windows free from anything that will block your natural sunlight by:

  • Moving heavy furniture
  • Replacing heavy, dark drapes with light-colored sheer curtains
  • Trimming foliage


Installing skylights is pricier, but skylights are a great way to bring in a lot of direct natural light. And, skylights are a good solution where it's difficult to install windows, such as in bathrooms and closets. Skylights are an especially good choice if you live in a neighborhood covered with trees or where houses are in proximity to each other and sunlight is blocked.

For maximum energy efficiency, try tubular skylights, which are installed directly in your roof. Tubular skylights transfer light through the interior of your home via lenses.


If it's in the budget, consider adding more windows to your home. South-facing windows will let in the most light, but any extra windows are beneficial. Be sure to install energy-efficient windows. More sunlight can help lower the electricity bills from electric lighting; however, inefficient windows mean leaking heat and air conditioning.

For more information on adding natural lighting to your home, contact an Atlanta remodeling professional.

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