How to choose the right roof fasteners for your Atlanta home

In Atlanta, choosing the right roof fasteners for your roof is essential. Maintaining the roof through...

In Atlanta, choosing the right roof fasteners for your roof is essential. Maintaining the roof through the harsh summer season can be difficult, particularly if you choose the wrong fasteners or those fasteners are improperly installed.

Roof fastener guidelines

  • While the federal guideline is four nails per shingle, most quality roofing contractors install six fasteners per shingle. If minimum standards are not met or exceeded, your roofing shingles' warranty is often void.
  • Nails must be installed at a 90-degree angle. Over time (particularly with the extreme temperatures in Atlanta), an improperly driven fastener's head will lift. If this happens, the roof will seep.
  • You must choose the proper type of fastener for your roof. If you have metal roofing strips and metal nails, they must be the same type of metal. If not, a chemical reaction can occur that causes metal deterioration.
  • Improper installation of nails also can lead to "high nails," or your nails uplifting through the shingles. Roofers must select the appropriate high-pressure setting on their nail guns. If a low pressure is chosen and the air supply is not high enough, nails will eventually lift through the shingles after those shingles bond. Severe high nails will be noticeable right away after installation. But, after shingle bonding occurs, less severe "high nails" will lift up and rusting and seepage will occur.

If you have major roof repairs needed, such as after a blow off from improper fastener installation, please consult Disaster Safety guidelines to determine whether minor repairs to fasteners and localized shingle areas can be effective. If not, a licensed Atlanta roofing contractor should be contacted to replace the entire roof after storm or weather damage.

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