How to extend the life of electric cars!

Whether you commute long distances or just drive locally, an electric car will save you money. But it's...

Whether you commute long distances or just drive locally, an electric car will save you money. But it's important to maintain your car, the battery in particular, in order keep it on the road for several years. An electric car is relatively easy to maintain, but there are a few tips you can follow to help extend your car's life.

Weatherproofing the garage
It's important to keep your car's electrical outlet safe and well-maintained. This means weatherproofing your garage against any harsh Atlanta elements, especially moisture and rain. Be sure that your charging area is kept dry at all times. If your garage is prone to leaks or flooding during heavy rains, you should consider having your roof coated and inspected, as well as, repairing any damages. You should also seal any gaps around your garage door that may be allowing rain water in.

Keep the charging area clean
Like most people, your garage is probably filled with more than just your car. Boxes and clutter in your garage can be breeding grounds not just for dust and dirt, but also rodents and insects. The former can clog and damage your electrical outlet, while the latter can chew through cables used to charge electric cars. Clear out any unnecessary clutter in your garage and clean regularly. You should also routinely check your electrical outlet for debris, rust or damages. If your charging cable becomes damaged, you should have your vehicle inspected immediately by a professional before plugging in again.

Other parking options
When you're out shopping, having fun or running errands, try to park in covered parking spots as often as possible in order to protect your vehicle from the elements. Too much heat or too much cold can trigger your car's thermal management system which can, in turn, drain the battery. If you have no option other than to park outside, try to find a shaded spot on a hot Atlanta day.

Extended storage
If you plan to store your electric car for an extended period you should prepare ahead of time. Some electric cars have a storage mode in the car's computerized system which maintains the car while it's plugged in and stored for long periods. Check your manual or confirm with a car specialist if you are unsure your car has this function or how to use it. If your car does not have a storage mode option, then you should charge the battery to sixty percent before storing and then leave it unplugged for the duration. The battery will self discharge and will need to be charged again three months later, or once the battery hits twenty percent, whichever comes first.

If you have any questions about the care and maintenance of electric cars, contact a local Atlanta car specialist.

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