How to find a dentist you like in Atlanta

Whether you have a change in insurance or you are new to Atlanta, you may need to find a dentist in...

Whether you have a change in insurance or you are new to Atlanta, you may need to find a dentist in your area. Trust this Atlanta native, finding a good dentist among all the practices available in the area is not an easy job. The steps to finding one may sound simple, but once you start looking, it can get pretty overwhelming.

The first place to start is with your friends and colleagues. As several others may point out, people you know are more likely to give honest opinions on services they received in the past. Just remember that not all experiences are typical and everyone has different expectations and needs from their dentist.

You may also want to check the directories provided by your insurance company. After all, you do not want to go through the trouble of finding and meeting new dentists only to find the person you want does not accept your insurance plan. If you do not have insurance, find out if there is a dental school clinic near you. Typically, school clinics offer dental services as a lower cost.

While searching for your perfect dentist in Atlanta, you should seek answers to these important questions:

How easy is it to get to the office from home or work? Do the office hours work with my schedule?

Think about traffic and how much fuel you may need getting there. If you are traveling far to see your dentist, chances are, you could probably find another just as adequate for your needs a little closer to home. You also do not want a dentist who is not open when you are off from work or has so few openings after your other obligations that you end up waiting a while before being seen.

How often does the dentist do continuing education to keep current on new practices?

The advances in the dental industry are improving every day. If your dentist is not participating in continuing education, then he may not be using the best materials and equipment available to you. The most worrisome part is that without continuing education, your dentist may not know about the potentially harmful effects of some of the outdated treatments.

Does this dentist have experience with any of my special needs?

Whether you need dentures or previously had dental work such as crowns, it is important to find a dentist who has the proper experience with your needs. You should also consider any future needs of which you may not be aware. A sign of a good, experienced dentist is one who asks you health questions during your appointment to find out if you have any underlying issues such as sleep apnea.

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