How to stop bloating

Bloating can happen for many reasons, and can leave you feeling uncomfortable. If you...

Bloating can happen for many reasons, and can leave you feeling uncomfortable. If you find yourself suffering from a bloated belly, a few simple changes to your diet can help alleviate the symptoms.

  1. Constipation results in a visually bloated abdomen, so avoid it by drinking plenty of water and eating a high-fiber diet. Drink eight ounces of water each day and eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables to keep your digestive system moving.

  2. Drink fewer carbonated beverages. The carbonation can cause gas and a bloated belly. Keep cold water in the fridge and carry around a water bottle to keep from being tempted with soda and other carbonated drinks.

  3. Eat anti-bloating foods, including peppermint tea, ginger, yogurt, pineapple and parsley. Yogurt offers the added benefit of probiotics that keep the digestive system moving, thus preventing constipation.

  4. Avoid sugar-free foods sweetened by chemicals such as xylitol. When consumed in large amounts, artificial sweeteners can cause gas and a bloated abdomen.

  5. Limit the amount of salt you eat. Too much salt in your diet can cause you to retain water. Do not add extra salt to your meals. Check food labels and choose lower sodium options.

  6. Talk to your doctor about whether you have a wheat allergy or lactose intolerance, especially if you find yourself bloated after eating specific foods.

  7. Use a dietary supplement when eating gassy foods. If you've ruled out an allergy or intolerance but you still get bloated, your body might lack an enzyme that helps you digest gassy foods.

  8. Eat smaller meals frequently. Eating too much at one time can lead to a bloated belly. Instead of eating two or three big meals a day, eat three smaller meals with two to three snacks in between. Keep high-protein, high-fiber snacks handy to eat when you feel hungry so that you do not overindulge at your next meal.

  9. Slow down when eating to avoid swallowing excess air. Swallowed air in your digestive system can lead to gas and bloating. Chew each bite of food thoroughly, and take a moment between bites.

Schedule an appointment with your local Atlanta doctor if you are seeking more medical advice.

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