How to treat hip pain quickly to put that skip back in your step

If you are a parent with small children or have a fast-paced job, hip pain can really interfere with...

If you are a parent with small children or have a fast-paced job, hip pain can really interfere with your life. It can be easy to dismiss a little pain in your hips and try to push through, but sometimes the pain could indicate a bigger health concern. And, your condition could worsen if you try to ignore it. It is important to find out the cause of the pain in your hips so that you can treat it quickly and effectively.

What can cause hip pain?

The most common causes of minor, acute pain in your hips include over-exertion or injury as a result of an accident or physical stress. For example, if you push yourself a little too hard while lifting heavy boxes in the garage or have a fall while riding your bike, you could end up with some pain in your hips. This type of hip pain can be treated by

  • resting your legs and hips
  • applying ice to reduce swelling
  • alternately applying heat and ice to reduce pain
  • taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling in your joints

More serious causes of hip pain

Some pain in the hips keeps coming back over and over again, and this type of pain could indicate that you might have a deeper joint issue. For example, if your hips seem to ache every time it rains or you experience sharp, deep pain in your hips on a regular basis, it could indicate that you might have a larger issue such as arthritis, a connective tissue disorder, more severe hip damage as a result of an injury, a dislocated or displaced hip joint, osteoporosis or hip bursitis. Treatment for these more serious conditions may include prescription medications, physical therapy and possibly surgery. Talk to your Atlanta-area doctor about your recurring hip pain right away so that you can have it treated as soon as possible.

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