How water softeners can rid you of hard water hassles

Nothing is more annoying than hard water; it creates a film on your dishes that won't wash away and...

Nothing is more annoying than hard water; it creates a film on your dishes that won't wash away and leaves bathtubs and sinks crusty and gross. But hard water can do more than just perturb. Left untreated, it can clog your pipes and lead to bigger problems than just cloudy glasses. Luckily, water softeners can alleviate the effects of hard water and give you some peace of mind.

Say what? Yes, there is such a thing as hard water, and it is a common problem in Atlanta. Basically, it just means that the water has a high mineral content. Depending on what the water source is for your home, you may or may not encounter this issue.

Now what? If you think that you have hard water, contact a water treatment company. You will need to have a water softener installed. A DIY project this is not, at least for the average person. Water softeners can be pricey, and there are many options as far as systems are concerned, so make sure you contact at least three contractors and get their estimates before committing.

What else? Once your system is installed, be aware that there are a couple different ways you can soften your water. One popular option is with salt--but not from the table. You'll need to purchase bags of pellets specifically intended for this purpose. However, recent concerns over the adverse health effects of sodium have led many people to switch to potassium-based softener. Many systems work with both types; be sure to ask the professional who helps rid your home of hard water for good!

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