Is polyurethane paint right for my project?

Polyurethane paint adds a clear, glossy protective finish to many types of wood surfaces. So, if you're...

Polyurethane paint adds a clear, glossy protective finish to many types of wood surfaces. So, if you're planning on giving the old backyard fence a makeover or revitalizing that antique table in the dining room, is poly paint the right thing to use? Maybe.

About poly paint

Made of tiny resin particles, poly paints create a water-resistant barrier that also resists solvents and small abrasions. You can choose between water or oil-based polyurethane paint just like other types of paint, depending on your preference. Water-based dries quickly and preserves the surface's original color while oil-based adds a slight amber hue to the surface and takes hours to set.

When to use poly paint

If you want to seal wood raw surfaces, such as decks, lawn furniture or the backyard fence, an outdoor, UV-protecting polyurethane is a great option. Choose a wipe-on formula if the surface has intricate detail work. This minimizes the appearance of drips. For flat fences, use a quicker, simpler brush-on formula.

Pick an interior poly paint to add some life to indoor furniture. The trick? You need ample ventilation. Plan to work on portable projects in a garage or outside. Wear a respirator and protective eye goggles when working with polys. Also, the wood must be bare. All varnishes, lacquers and waxes must be removed for the poly to absorb properly.

If you want to add a poly finish to interior woodwork such as crown molding or built-in bookshelves, call a professional Atlanta-area painter to do the job for you. Painting companies can properly ventilate your home during the project.

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