Is your air conditioner cover ruining your AC unit?

You've tucked the patio furniture away in the shed, added extra mulch to the garden and covered the...

You've tucked the patio furniture away in the shed, added extra mulch to the garden and covered the outdoor AC unit for the season. Your winterizing checklist is nearly complete.

But before you start stringing up the holiday lights and humming Christmas music, is using an air conditioner cover during the winter really a good idea in Atlanta? Heating and cooling expert Dan Jape, CEO of Reliable Heating & Air, shares some tips for homeowners preparing for upcoming winter weather.

"There are covers available for a/c units to be covered, but these covers can cause condensation in the cold months. [They] also can be forgotten in the spring and can cause damage to an a/c unit if turned on while covered," Jape explained.

Most air conditioner units are designed to withstand outdoor weather in the South, including rain, ice and snow. So, unless there's a blizzard warning, Jape says an air conditioner cover really isn't necessary in the Atlanta area. Instead, save your money for maintenance servicing on the unit.

When springtime rolls around, it's a good idea to give your air conditioning unit a thorough inspection and cleaning. Remove any leaves or seeds from cottonwood trees that have floated into the metal fins of the unit. Make sure winter winds have not pushed anything against the unit to block air flow. Not sure how to do these cleaning and inspections safely? Give Jape and his team at Reliable Heating & Air a call today for winterizing tips or spring services so you can keep your cool all summer long.

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