Keep your child healthy in daycare with these simple tips

Many parents worry about germs that are easily passed around at the daycare center....

Many parents worry about germs that are easily passed around at the daycare center. However, there are several things any concerned parent can do to keep their children healthy and happy when they are around other children. Even though many Atlanta daycare centers take steps to keep their facilities as clean and germ-free as possible, children often bring in germs from home and give them to other kids.

Here are some ways to keep your child healthy while in daycare:

Practice good hygiene

Teach your child to wash his or her hands regularly. Explain how important it is to wash hands thoroughly after every trip to the bathroom, before meals and when coming home. Instilling this habit at home can increase the likelihood that the child will continue outside the home. Get to the daycare a little earlier, so your child has time to go to the bathroom and wash his or her hands under your watch.

Change their clothes when they come home

You don't have to wash their clothes every day, but make sure your children change their clothes when they get home from daycare. This will keep germs that landed on their shirts and pants from contaminating the rest of your house. Teach them to put their dirty clothes into the hamper, rather than on their bedroom floor.

Use sanitizing wipes in the car ride home

Stock the car with sanitizing wipes so that you can clean the child's hands and face before they get home. Get into a routine of using wipes as you get them in the car and put the seatbelt on. These wipes can get rid of any germs and bacteria picked up from doorknobs and other areas of the childcare center during the day.

Clean drink bottles and lunchboxes

Disinfect drink bottles, lunchboxes and any other supplies you packed for your child each day. Clean these items right when you get home so that there is no risk of contaminating other items.

Prepare healthy and nutritious food

A healthy diet, which contains a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and foods rich in iron and vitamin D, is essential for a healthy immune system. Talk to a pediatrician for diet recommendations or supplements your child might need for better health. A strong immune system can ward off common illnesses.

Keep up with vaccinations

Make sure your children are undergoing a physical exam and getting the vaccines they need before they enroll in any type of program. Maintain an immunization schedule so you don't miss important vaccinations. Also, find out if the staff has been vaccinated so there is less risk that your child could pick up something from them.

Keeping your children healthy will make them less susceptible to common illnesses. So practice good hygiene at home and take steps to boost your child's immunity. Talk to an Atlanta pediatrician for more tips and advice on keeping your child healthy.

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