Stunning Pendant Lighting

More and more often, homeowners are gravitating towards pendant lighting. They're great for a variety of reasons...

More and more often, homeowners are gravitating towards pendant lighting. They're great for a variety of reasons:

  • Pendant lights can be used to define living spaces within a large, open space, such as a grouping above the kitchen island, one above the dining area, and another in the library corner. They visually break up space.
  • Pendant lights are excellent lighting solutions for vaulted or extremely tall ceilings, as you can bring the lights down to a functional level.
  • Pendant lights leave a very small footprint--the opening required on a ceiling or wall is relatively small compared to most lighting fixtures.
  • Pendant lights are beautiful, and there are a huge variety of design options.

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Blown Glass Pendant Lights

Glass blown pendants light up a space in a softer way than most overheads, and they also provide a pop of color. For a more eclectic feel, mix and match blown glass. Blown glass pendants are hand-crafted, which means no two are completely alike. It's a simple way to add a custom touch to a room.

Via The Design Files

Edison Pendant Lights

Vintage-inspired Edison pendant lights are extremely popular these days. They have an industrial feel, but there's also something elegant about the filament inside the bulbs. They produce a warm glow, and we can't get enough of these cool, historical bulbs.


Via Poppy Talk

Orb Pendant Lights

A larger orb is a great statement piece. By clustering a few of smaller orbs together, they'll almost read as a modern chandelier.

Via Deringhall

Mercury Glass Pendant Lights

Mercury glass is made by creating, through glass blowing techniques, a double-walled pendant. The open space between the two walls is coated with a liquid silver nitrate solution, which causes the glass to produce a shimmering silver light. They produce a cool hue, but they feel so hand-made that they add a lot of warmth to a minimalist space.

mercury lamp

Via Remodelista

Copper Pendant Lights

Copper pendant lights are an amazing way to make any room look instantly high-end. The beauty of copper is its ability to transition and work with many different styles. We love this giant half dome.

copper lamp

Via Apartment Therapy

Wood Pendants

Wood pendants were really popular in the 60's and 70's, but they can look modern if you keep the plaid couches and shag carpeting to a minimum.

wooden lamps

Via Steven Alan


Okay, so they're not technically pendants, but we love chandeliers. Check out our round up of 12 Cool and Bizarre Chandeliers.

Via flotsamandjetsamny

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