Kitchen remodeling: Cabinets, counters and clutter

If kitchen remodeling is high on your to-do list, there are several money-saving ideas that can help...

If kitchen remodeling is high on your to-do list, there are several money-saving ideas that can help you have a showroom style kitchen without breaking the bank. Today's kitchens need to not only look great but also be functional and easy to keep organized. The recent Atlanta Home Show featured some exciting options for the budget-minded homeowner who does not want to sacrifice on style yet wants a kitchen that is easy to keep clean and functional.


Boring cabinets are a thing of the past. When you are trying to choose the right cabinetry for your new kitchen, think open spaces. While some traditional style cabinetry may be needed to hide bakeware or pantry foods, open spaces such as countertop to ceiling cubbies are a great way to stay organized and make smaller spaces look bigger. Wine racks mounted to the wall and open shelves are also trends gaining in popularity.

For cabinets that hide clutter from view, consider pull-out organizers. In some models, the cabinet slides out completely, including the door. In other models, the cabinet door opens normally and the organizers slide out of the drawer, allowing you to only access what you need in the cabinet. Check with your kitchen remodeler to see what options are available.


Countertops are a focal point of your kitchen remodeling and set the tone for the rest of the decor. When choosing a countertop material, keep maintenance and cleaning in mind. While marble and granite look beautiful, they do require regular sealing to prevent staining and the buildup of bacteria. Engineered stone is a great alternative, as it looks like marble or granite, comes in a wide array of colors and does not require sealing.

Stainless steel is another popular option that requires little maintenance. It is great for modern kitchens and busy families, as it is easily wiped down and much easier to sanitize than stone-based countertops. Solid surface countertops have replaced the laminate countertops of past years and can provide a seamless surface that includes a back splash.

Cut the clutter

In addition to the cabinet organizers, many of the kitchens at the Atlanta Home Show featured organizational systems that resemble filing cabinets. Larger pull-out drawers allow you to organize plastic containers, divide drawers and stack lids. On the countertops, lazy susans are making a comeback and used as a decor focus in plain view rather than hiding behind closed cabinet drawers. China was displayed in glass fronted cabinets, eliminating the need for a separate China cabinet in a different room. Baskets, both wicker and fabric, were also a common decor trend that serves a functional purpose.

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