Learning about decks: Construct an amazing one just in time for summer!

A deck can add beauty to your home, increase its value and create an outdoor living space. With all...

A deck can add beauty to your home, increase its value and create an outdoor living space. With all of these benefits, you may feel ready to jump in and build your own deck and become the neighborhood hangout for barbecues and relaxing summer nights. But, you don't want to try and build a deck without understanding the basics of its construction. Learn how you can make your structure last for a long time.

Talk to a Pro

The first step you should take when planning a deck project is to hire a professional landscaper or remodeler in the Atlanta area to evaluate your home and your yard. A structure built on top of a piece of flat ground is going to be far simpler and cheaper to build than one that requires tall support beams or extensive grading. A landscaping pro will understand the different soil types, can check for water issues that may effect the durability of your new deck and can help remove plant overgrowth in the area where you want to build. A remodeling pro will understand exactly how to attach decks to your home, how to construct the railings, stairs and benches and how to properly finish and stain any wood to make it weatherproof.

Consider Your Options

You can make decks look as complex or as simple as you can imagine, but the cost to build your deck will increase exponentially depending on how complicated your deck will be to build. This is something to consider if you are on a tight budget. Think about what you would like to use your deck for. Do you like to have built-in places for your family and friends to sit, or would you rather use the deck as a platform for a hot tub? Do you cook out a lot? You can customize the structure to perfectly fit your grill, your hot tub or your seating arrangement. Talk to your Atlanta-based remodeler about your options.

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